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list of owners
Tripp Lentsch number 1!

Teal; yard number 5265; probably the oldest Tripp Lentsch on the water; she has an electric motor

De yardplate of Jeanne Elise of Floris Draaijer

Flying Yorkshoreman , Antony d'Andrea

Strange, the plate of Teal is not the usual plate but a universal boatyard plate. Why? A mistery

The Jeanne Elise, built at Verhagen boatyard, so it's calle Tripp Verhagen in stead of Tripp Lentsch

Hoeveel Tripp-Lentsch' zijn  nog te bewonderen op de wereldzeeen?
Weet u het?
How many Tripp Lentsch can still be admired on the world seas?
Do you know? Me neither.
That's why I try to find as much boats as possible, and it would be nice to have a list of them all.  I hope you are prepared to give information and join the list.
In that case, send me an email and I'll put your yacht on the list.
The list can also be used as an unofficial owners association.
We could exchange info, help each other out with our experience and maybe later, even a TrippLentsch meeting,  who knows.
boatnames, their owners names, homeharbour and country.
emailaddress is optional.

Barthelemy Lafont

no 1 

Grenada West Indies  

(does not exist anymore) 



no 2 ?   1962     

Joe Steinberger

Rockland, Maine 04841 USA


Look at the picture above.

The yard plate has a building number that corresponds with number 2, but there is no boat number on it.    

Is there somebody out there with an explanation?


No.3   1963



Boat number 4
Willem van Ouwerkerk Ritthem
harbour, Vlissingen, the Netherlands
hull no. 7   1963
For Sail (2008) via  
location: Connecticut 
Brietje,   TE KOOP!
Boat no. 9  1963
info: Anton Hunink, +32 473 798070
harbour: Tholen , the Netherlands

Gospel Bryan Oates

hull number 12 -  1963

Vrmd/ Stockholm/ Sweden



Nick Chieppo

 hull #15

Connecticut River Connecticut USA


Charlie Dawson

hull number 17 , 1963

Crocker's Boat Yard
15 Ashland Avenue
Manchester, MA 01970 USA


Hunky Dory  
hull no.22     1963 
Erik Neve
Yerseke,    the Netherlands


oliver Beau




John R. Crosby

Boston, USA


Good Hope

Joe Maginnis

New York, USA



Jeroen van der Pol

Harbour : Naarden,  Netherlands


Green Day   n29. I966   
 xavier hostin
Hondenmatroos, no 35  sold;  name and harbour unknown to me.



Number 37 1965 Cornelis Dornier Boat Friedrichshafen, Germany

F'yn (short for FLying Yorkshireman, hull no. 38 (8 could be 9, difficult to read)

owners: Tony D'Andrea en Wendy Morotti

home harbour: Roma Italia email:


no. 41   1965

ligplaats  Dunkerque  (Dunkirk / Duinkerken)  France

owner unknown (to me)


De Maen ,  no. 42

Helmut and Hilde Lennartz

Brouwershaven The Netherlands

No.43 1965

Martin Abraham

harbour Porto Pollo (Corsica).


Kapitein Houtebeen, no 45

Bart Kamphuis

Harbour: Nijkerk


"Thira"  Hull number  48 or 49. (hard to read)

Thomas Hahn

New London, CT 06320 USA

Noank Connecticut


Jeanne Elise  Tripp-Verhagen 29"   (!) 1971

Floris Draayer 

Lobke (Built after the De Vries Lentsch period)

Albert Eerkens, Oosterhout

harbour: Numansdorp The Netherlands


William H. Tripp

Built at Vos boatyard  (after De Vries Lentsch)


Bornrif, Sailaway 1980

Jan Willem and Janneke Broers-Bleyswijk

harbour, Horsens, Denmark


Tripp 30

Pelorus Jack 2,  voorheen Lelie 

Boatyard "van Lent Kaagdorp"

Owner: Jan Zitman, Leiden, The Netherlands


 "talisman" tripp 30 : won the chicago/mackinaw race in 1964.

Have owned since 1999. purchased in san diego and currently lying Hood river , Oregon.   jim bucciarelli.


Bornrif, a Sailaway 1980 owned by Jan Willem en Janneke Broers-Bleyswijk